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Opimian Wine Club

Opimian Wine Club de Vin is more than just ordering wines. It’s about sharing our passion for wine spirits with a community of wine lovers. It’s also about learning the stories of the people behind each bottle. But mostly, it’s about connecting to the fascinating world of wine & spirits. We care for our members just like we care for family — with an extra glass always on hand.

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Exclusive Offer for Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms Customers:

A complimentary trial membership (Value of $109) to join the Opimian Wine Club de Vin community that includes:
- Access to our exclusive wines and spirits not available anywhere else in Canada (Over 150 producers worldwide and growing)
- Cellar Magazine featuring our wine releases delivered to your door + monthly web pop-ups, and special email offers
- A personal dashboard to track your orders, engage with our member service team and discover the wonderful world of Opimian Exclusive wines!
- Wine & Spirit Education with our Masters of Wine and affiliation with WSET Canada
- Community events – producer dinners, wine tastings, release parties, virtual tastings, tutorials, and more
- A credit towards your first purchase!
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