Creating your dream Wine Room

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms


We’re all about designing a wine room unique to your own personal style; a wine room that will protect and beautifully display your collection for years to come.

Whether in your basement, a spare bedroom or closet, off the living/dining room, or under a staircase, we can customize a solution for your needs.

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms


It all starts with a consultation so we get an idea of your needs and assess the space that you have available.

We’ll present some options and brainstorm further ideas.

Any final refinements and changes can be made to the initial drawings so we can sign off on the project and put your build in the hands of our skilled construction managers.

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms


We will create a project timeline and order the components needed to complete your wine room. When all the components are on hand, we do an inventory to ensure quality and design accuracy.

Our specialized craftspeople and installers will arrive at your job site and will go to work to turn your space into the wine room of your dreams.

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms


Your new wine room will preserve your collection and become a highlight to your home you'll want to show off!


We’re proud of the work we do and we want you to enjoy working with us almost as much as you enjoy sampling your wine collection!