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Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom wine cellars that will preserve your collection for years to come. Our goal is to take the stress out... and give you something beyond your expectations!

Serving our fellow wine enthusiasts far and wide. Let us show you how we can transform your home!

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Our Work

Experts in making the most of any space, we take your ideas and create a solution that fits you and your home. Whether it’s to cellar an impressive wine collection, or add a feature to your home, we have wine storage solutions for everyone.


Design Services

With a focus on exceptional & comprehensive wine storage solutions, we offer a full-service dedicated to design, 3D renderings, and supply of wine racks & wine cooling systems.

Jagged Ridge Wine Racks

Online Journal

Proper storage with a suitable cooling system to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels is required to keep wines fresh over time. 

Wine Cellars can be beautiful features in a home, but do they add any value? Could it be as valuable as renovations and improvements to other areas of your home?

Not all house areas are created equal for storing wine, so we need to consider your wine cellar goals and the limitations of the space available.

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